Web Development, Content and Design


Bring your ideas to life.

If you have an idea, we can make it real, no matter how complex. Don’t know what technologies to use? Leave those issues to us, and feel confident that your application will be built with the best, most reliable ideas available.


Say the right thing.

Content is a crucial aspect of your site, but it’s more than text. Let us help you figure out what to say, how to say it, and how to keep it updated. Have a lot to say and multiple authors ? We can help develop a plan to manage it all.


Make your website modern.

Create a website that users will love to come to. Our experience with design, information architecture, user research, and interaction design can make your website’s beauty way more than skin deep.


Cure what ails you.

Are there deep-rooted problems lurking in your existing technology? Are your users requesting features you really wish you had? We can help you come up with solutions and ideas, and implement them beautifully.


Go beyond the basics.

Move beyond Etsy and CafePress with your online sales. We consult on most shopping cart systems and create original solutions as well. Need help with taxonomies, presentation and POS systems? We do that too.


We’re specialists!

Our partners share a commitment to our communities, and a long history of collaborating with non-profits and educational institutions. We’ve helped cure many fundraising, educational and programmatic web woes.

Black_and_White Jeff Mueller, Maker of Dad Jokes

Jeff has more than 16 years of experience in technology and has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes during that time. He’s built custom websites for non-profits, set up WordPress for bloggers, maintained high-traffic web applications for large businesses and universities, and written custom iPad apps. Jeff is proficient in a number of programming languages, including Ruby (his favorite), PHP, and Objective-C. He’s an HTML, CSS and JavaScript expert and has been known to dabble in responsive web design. Since it takes more than technology to make a website great, Jeff has extended his skills to include user experience and information architecture design.

Jeff makes dad jokes and is opinionated about technology as @jeffmueller on Micro.blog and is known (to mostly other programmers) for his contributions to automation through his Take Action website and the Plink image upload app.

FullSizeRenderMiriam Mueller, Agatha Christie Expert

Miriam is our resident content expert and project manager. She is an accomplished writer and editor, and has helped define the style and user experience of many websites through the well-placed application of visual design, information architecture and content strategy ideas. She might be one of the only people on earth who enjoys doing content inventories. As a bonus, she also has over a decade of technical experience as a webmaster and database admin. Miriam is knowledgeable about a wide variety of content management systems for websites and e-commerce, from solutions for small design shops to overhauls for multi-department educational institutions.

Miriam also enjoys the challenge of being a bookkeeper and tax preparer in an eponymous business. She lurks online as @flowerpower on Twitter, where she is often mistakenly mentioned in relation to florists, and has had the pleasure of meeting a wide variety of strange and interesting people (possibly even you?).